Wollaston Child Care Center

Wollaston Child Care Center (WCCC) is a fully accredited day care program for children aged 2 years 9 months through 6 years old with preschool and kindergarten classes

WCCC is dedicated to serving children and families in need of high-quality child care. The program is designed to promote all aspects of a child's well-being - physical, social, emotional and cognitive ability. A hallmark of the program is personalized and individualized approach within multiage groupings. There is a particular interest in providing inclusive and culturally responsive care. Working closely and consistently with families is another program geature

The WCCC philosophy is based on a belief that every child is innately competent. Respect for the experiences within their families is celebrated and utilized within the learning environment. Well-trained caregivers are expected to observe and interpret children's cues, and to respond to their needes.

The Wollaston Child Care Center is a community ministry of the Wollaston Lutheran Church

Contact Information
Wollaston Child Care Center
47 Weston Avenue
Quincy, MA 02170

Phone: 617.773.7217