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About Wollaston Lutheran Church

Wollaston Lutheran Church was founded in September, 1931 under the direction of Pastor Elmer Kettner, a new mission pastor for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

In the 1980's, Pastor Adolph Wismar, Jr. urged the congregation to extend its ministry to the growing local Chinese-speaking population, and in 1989, Pastor Richard Law was called from Hong Kong to begin the congregation's Chinese Ministry.

In efforts of expanding ministries with young children, the congregation called Deaconess Margaret Ruehle in 2016 to revitalize the early christian education ministry.

In 2017, Pastor Steve Law was ordained and installed as the pastor of the Wollaston Lutheran Church. In the same year, both Pastor Adolph Wismar, Jr. and Pastor Richard Law retired and were later voted to be pastors emeritus of the congregation.

Since its founding the congregation has served not only the spiritual needs of its members, but also the physical and social needs of the community at large. This dual emphasis is summed up in the congregation's present mission statement: Wollaston Lutheran Church is a fellowship of Christians who support and encourage each other through prayer and caring action, who seek to express discipleship in daily living, and who strive to be a beacon in the community through outreach with the Gospel and social ministry.

Each Sunday the congregation holds services both in English (8:45 a.m.) and in Chinese (11:15 a.m.). Sunday School, Adult Bible Classes, and Confirmation Class are also offered. Following the Chinese Service a luncheon is served.

In addition to worship and instructional activities, a number of social activities for congregation members and friends are provided. These include: Women's Fellowship, Youth Fellowship, Family Bibie Study, Weekly Prayer Meeting and a Choir.

Wollaston Lutheran Church serves the community by sponsoring 3 low income senior housing (Fenno House, Town Brook House, Bauer House) and a child care program at the Wollaston Child Care Center. Through another social ministry arm of the congregation, the Asian American Service Association serves the needs of the community through a senior center and periodic family programs, and continues to look for new and creatively ways to serve.

Wollaston Lutheran Church has been called a church for others because of its extensive housing and community service programs. As a congregation composed of multiple ethnic and language groups, the congregation provides opportunities to meet, worship with and work with people who may not appear to have a lot in common. The One who brings unity amidst such diversity is the risen and living Lord Jesus. This commitment to Jesus and to one another as his people is heralded on the church's banner which proclaims both in English and in Chinese: "One Family under God."

Wollaston Lutheran extends to you a cordial invitation to come and see the Lord Jesus at work among us.